Free yourself from anxiety
Remove limiting beliefs 
Connect with your intuition & your true essence
Connect with you Spirit Guides
Increase your confidence and self-worth
Heal from past trauma
Increase your energy and sense of vitality
Overcome negative thinking
Get clear on your Soul purpose 
Improve your health & wellbeing
Get clear and focused
Free yourself from unhelpful behaviour patterns

i can help with your TRANSFORMATION...

Do you have big dreams but don't know how to break the cycle you're in? Do you feel weighed down by past trauma and/or limiting beliefs? Have you dampened your light to fit in? Are you ready to expand and shine your true authentic self with more confidence, clarity & purpose? Babes, you've come to the right place!

This unique personalised 7 appointment plan is designed for you to connect more deeply with yourself. You'll finally learn how magical you truly are. It's time to drop your ego's expectations and listen to your heart. If you're ready to remove weight from the past and learn how to cultivate your intuition with more confidence to find your soul purpose, this plan is for you!

Investment is currently £722, with an optional payment plan

1-2-1 Soul Alignment healing & spiritual mentoring

Soul Expansion Program

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If you’ve completed the 6 appointment plan, and/or have had regular energy healing before, the Energy Top Up Service is perfect to keep your energy re balanced and re aligned. Each appointment is tailored to your body’s needs. This leads to a faster, smoother healing process for each individual. I offer a long distance healing service and cater for all locations. 

1-2-1 Soul Alignment healing & spiritual mentoring

Energy Top Up

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- libby

I can’t thank you enough 🌟I feel so blessed to have found you, you have transformed my life. It was only when I had a chance to reflect on yesterday’s session that I realised how blown away I was, never in my wildest dreams did I think the session would unfold like that! I feel so humbled & so so grateful that you’ve opened me up to the awareness & being able to receive ❤️wow! Will definitely be in touch in the future x you are AWESOME 🌟🌟🌟💫

kind words



- Susan

Hi India, just wanted to let you know how I've been getting on since our last session. Things are going really well, I'm feeling a lot more energised which is a huge improvement from where I was initially, I'm also feeling more positive and happier in general - I have really noticed that I am a lot less stressed. I wanted to thank you because otherwise I don't think I would have been open to receiving anything like this and the fact that I am able to get myself out of a negative mindset feels so empowering. Thank you again

kind words



- Katie

I initially reached out to India when I was feeling really stuck, lacking in motivation & looking for help connecting to my vision around my work. And over the course of our sessions I gained SO much clarity - but not only around my work! We delved into so many other areas as well, which have enhanced my connection to myself, helped me to feel more empowered & more physically & emotionally well! I have absolutely loved the journey we’ve been on together - India has opened my eyes to so much and our time together has been truly life changing. I couldn’t recommend her more and am eternally grateful.

kind words


Download my favourite healing guided meditations to activate your true authentic self. These 6 self love meditations won’t be anything you’ve tried before. Get ready to understand the power of your imagination and activate your Soul!

Package includes 6 guided meditations.

your free Soulful self love package


Free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative energy.

Imagine if you could...


Live life with more Clarity & Purpose.

Imagine if you could...


Heal from past trauma.

Imagine if you could...


Feel recharged, reinvigorated and empowered! 

Imagine if you could...


Connect clearly with your intuition.

Imagine if you could...


What happens during an Energy Coaching session?

Not one session looks the same. However, you will need a comfortable space to either sit or lie down. During the healing, you may want to close your eyes as I guide you through the process. You may feel tingles through your body, yawn or hear your tummy rumble. This is all very normal! It's handy to have a notepad ready to write notes at the end of the session as I may suggest some spiritual 'home play' techniques to aid your growth in between appointments. 

How do I know if this is right for me?

Every energy healer is so uniquely different. I want you to feel totally at ease and comfortable with your decision, therefore I offer a complimentary 20min call so we can go over any questions you may have. It’s also a great chance for me to get to know you more and find out about your goals and concerns. We can then move forwards together from there. 

I’m not in the U.K, does this matter?

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world as I can tune into your energy from afar offering a long-distance healing service. All appointments are held via the app Zoom.

How often are the appointments?

The time between each appointment varies. This depends on how long it takes your body to integrate the energy work we achieved in the session. It’s very important to not ‘over do’ energy work. I, therefore, tune into your energy to find out how long your body needs until the next appointment. It ranges between 1-4 weeks.

How long is the therapy session?

Each appointment is 60mins long. Please make sure you are in a room with preferably no distractions. Have a glass of water at hand and a note pad!

How does it work?

Fundamentally I am an energy healer. My gift is being able to connect with your true potential by tuning into your Soul. I can intuitively see the parts of your energy that need ‘rebooting’. Therefore, I work at correcting the flow of energy around the body. Energy can get stagnant and stuck, I like to call these ‘energy blocks’. Past trauma, stress, ‘modern life’ can all lead to energy blocks. The symptoms can translate into stress, anxiety, confusion, negative thinking, aches and pains, and even illnesses. During the appointments, I’m able to retune your energy and rebalance your body and outlook, so you can embrace health and happiness once more.
I also combine Spiritual Mentoring within the appointments as I love to empower my clients to carry on the healing at home. Each session is tailor-made to your needs, therefore can be very different. I offer meditations, tools and techniques to get you more in tune with yourself and your body. 

I combine Energy Healing, Health Kinesiology, Natural Bioenergetics therapy, intuitive healing & Spiritual mentoring to help you access your full potential by unblocking the emotional imbalances that have stopped you from moving forward through to the next phase of your life. Most importantly this clears out the ‘rubbish’, freeing up space for you to heal and find the answers that you have been looking for.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world as I can tune into your energy from afar offering a long-distance healing service.

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