One thing I love to do is share as much information as I can to help others on their own path of self discovery. I am now available as a keynote speaker for industry events, well-being workshops and panel talks to help guide others towards a healthy mind, body and soul.

I know how it feels to give your power away and not feel like you belong. I spent years masking my pain and past trauma through drink and drugs. I ignored the signals my body gave me and eventually I was crippled with pain through IBS and and severe anxiety. This is when I started to listen to my own body! I became aware and helped others become aware too guiding them to a more natural well being.

 Having a natural wellbeing is more than just a hippie pastime. You can be yourself, be fun, free and swear if you want. You don’t need to have dreadlocks and you don’t need to wear tie dye, I promise!!! It’s about being aware of your body and how to nourish it. It’s not about what you look like, how you act, how much time you spend at the gym. It’s about how much time you spend with yourself and listen to what your body actually needs.

A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.


My Speaking Specialities  

  • Energy Retuning to become your true authentic self
  • Clearing Confusion & Getting Unstuck in every day life
  • Overcoming anxieties  
  • The Self Healing Technique –  your mind, body and soul
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