Power Package


My 12-week bespoke healing and coaching program is designed to clear your mental blocks and get you abundantly flowing in all aspects of your life. Including money, love, relationships, self-worth, and job satisfaction.

I have bundled up these holistic techniques and practices so you can achieve what you are destined to achieve. You can find your purpose and finally be fulfilled in life.

There’s no one like you in this world, only you have your unique gifts. How amazing is that!

This magical package is different from my individual healing appointments. This fantastic 12-week program is specifically focused on clearing any blocks you have around moving forward in life and designed for you to step into your power once more.

Get ready to transform your mindset, rebalance and refocus your energy on what is truly important so you can start to live your life with positivity, wealth and abundance.


“When you align yourself, you don’t need to find your purpose, your purpose finds you.”

Get your sunglasses ready!

My 12-week bespoke program is designed specifically for you to reach your true purpose in life. I will give you the mentoring, support, tools and holistic treatment required to release you from the physical and mental blockages that are holding you back. It’s designed to give you confidence, clarity and inspiration for you to stop comparing and start knowing the feeling and seeing what magical powers you can gift this world.

After the 12 weeks, you will be able to reach your full potential attracting happiness, wealth, abundance and joy into your life, on your own terms. You will be in your creative flow once more. Feeling confident and clearer, you will be able to hear and listen to your intuition with a clear vision of where your life can go.

You are a magical being of greatness. Get ready to ignite that inner fire and shine your light even brighter.

We will work together to:

  • Clear energy blockages and trapped emotions
  • Remove negative thinking
  • Overcome mindset hurdles and obstacles
  • Define your ultimate goals
  • Identify and clear pre-defined beliefs around money, abundance and joy
  • Create a programme of support and treatment tailored to you
  • Set the foundations for an abundant, joyful future


I’ll be with you every step of the way over the 12 weeks to enable you to move forward in your life. Clearing, refocusing and gaining clarity for a more abundant future.