My Journey

Hi, I’m India,

It was only a few years ago that I changed carrier and started living the life I was destined to live, that things all started to fit into place and I truly felt confident in my own skin.

I used to be super lost in life. I had no self worth and could never speak my truth. I remember being a child and feeling like I never ‘fitted in’. My teens then happened and I was then severely depressed. It was a very confusing time for me as my sister recovered from a serious illness and I was grieving two amazing people in my life. Mix that with ‘never fitting in’, well it somehow turned into a recipe of disaster.  I turned to drugs, and lots of them. I was reckless and had no cares in the world with hundreds of toxic relationships. 


I always knew there was more to life. I knew this wasn’t where I was meant to be.




In my early 20s I began to suffer severely from IBS and Candida. I was highly stressed and severely lost!!! These symptoms allowed me to look inwards, I started to learn more about my body and what it was trying to tell me. Deep down I knew there was another answer so I made it my mission to heal myself the natural way! 


I dived deep into the Spiritual world, I studied, meditated and I quietened my mind to allow my intuition to guide me. I have built up 7 years of spiritual practices and healing techniques that I pass onto my clients everyday. I feel incredible and empowers and love sharing this with whoever I can!  

Today I am a Energy Healer, a qualified Health Kinesiologist (KF Associate), holistic wellbeing practitioner, speaker, a spiritual and motivational coach.

I know how it feels to give your power away and not feel like you belong. It is now my purpose to get people reconnected with their Higher Self, to help them regain their voice and tune into their intuition to know exactly where they should be going in life. 

For me, my work is more than just a day job. It is my driving motivation to enlighten and enable others to overcome their mental and physical challenges, using a natural, non-intrusive approach that leads to lasting change.

Having experienced the same frustrations and fears that my clients often come to me with, I am able to create an instant rapport with each individual. I get it. I understand your pain, your sadness – even your uncertainty, which is why I like to keep things real. I also understand your absolute desire for change, and my specific, tailored approach allows you to achieve this.

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I cannot wait to connect with you!


Lots of love


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