Do you ever feel inspired to share something when you turn on your social media feed and freak out? You feel squashed by the noise because there’s so much going on, you end up shutting the app down, convincing yourself, ‘No one’s going to care about what I have to say anyway”? 

That feeling of unworthiness can slowly eat away at you until you’ve completely forgotten it’s a feeling of low self-esteem. Instead, you convince yourself that “everyone knows it. It’s common sense. Let’s not waste my time”, shrug it off and then move on with your day. 

We live in an age where everyone can call themselves an expert with no actual qualifications. You look down your social media feed, and you get elongated with “Do this….”, “Do that…” from absolutely everyone. So much noise, opinions, and confidence in everything you see. It can be very overwhelming when you’re a sensitive empath. 


Why do you have anything better to say, right?


Well, I’m telling you that you have crucial information to share. Information that no one else can explain in the exact way that leaves your own beautiful lips. This is why I want to share these incredible steps with you. It will move you through a time of low confidence into a state of empowerment! I know this because I’ve been there.

I used to work in the fashion industry where I felt squished, unimportant and a real nuisance. However, I didn’t recognise that at the time as I was too involved in the story. I was an anxiety-ridden woman struggling to find the wood from the trees. Now looking back, I’m able to observe those thought patterns and how that affected my life as I moved onto becoming an Energy healer and Spiritual coach and mentor. 

The Universe very kindly highlighted these insecurities time and time again. It wasn’t until I looked at them square in the face, that things started to change, and I became more confident. 


Here is what I did to move through these blocks. I so thoroughly believe this will help you too. 


1) Observe and Acknowledge 


As I mentioned the first thing I did to move through these crippling low self-esteem blocks was to start observing my thought pattern. It’s so easy when you get the hang of it, although it can take some perseverance and of course, practice.

The best way to start acknowledging your thoughts is to write them down. Keep a small, cute journal with you at all times throughout the week. When you’re travelling to work, sitting at your desk or walking to the shop, start observing what pops into your head. Do you have any feelings attached to that thought? Is it a song? If so, what are the lyrics? Write these down. Is it an idea? If so, what is it? Write this down. How does this thought make you feel? Write this down. It can be anything and everything. It might not even make any sense to you. All that matters is you’re getting used to noticing what comes up in your head throughout the day.


This is where the Acknowledgement comes in.


At the end of each day, re-read what you’ve written and highlight the key points/ words sentences. Go with your gut feeling on this. What do you find interesting? Are there any good ideas in there? What sounds like your ego talking? Notice if you start judging yourself or judging others. 

All I want you to do at this point is to observe and acknowledge because when we start listening to that voice in our head, we can start letting go of what doesn’t serve us. 


2) Universal Postbox 


Now is the time to start letting go of these judgmental thoughts. I’ve found the best way to do this is to create what I like to call a Universal postbox. This postbox can be created from an old tea tin, tissue box, glass jar, a letterbox you find in your local craft shop, anything. This postbox is for you and only you. 

Now you’ve become good at observing these thoughts and feelings, you’re going to use this Universal postbox as a way to let them go. Write down down that negative thought and/or feeling on a small piece of paper. Fold it, then post into your Universal postbox. As you release that letter, imagine the Universe holding you as you release that burden from your shoulders. Hear the Universe say “It’s ok, I am here to support you.” 


Let that negative thought and feeling go! 


Remember – this is a great way to ask for universal guidance from the Divine. She is here to support you and will help you ‘clear out the rubbish’ in your head to allow space for your intuition to shine.


3) Remember your ideas 


Now let’s get back to your notebook. I bet you that you’ve written down some good ideas, right? (Notice your thoughts as you read this. Is there any resistance? If so follow step 2 again, write it down and let it go). 

Now it’s time to separate your ideas into another notebook. This journal is to help aid your spiritual growth. List these ideas down, so you don’t forget them. Is there anything you can do today? If so…. Do it!!! 

As I mentioned, if you experience any resistance, go back to step 3 again. You can repeat this step time as many times as you need. Use your spiritual growth journal throughout this process as you note down how your thoughts and feelings develop. 


4) Cut out the negativity. 


What’s in your life that’s bringing you down? Is your friend sapping your energy? Does a specific social media app lower your vibe? Do you find yourself comparing a particular someone? 

I’m going to be brutal now. It’s simple… cut out that negativity! 

There is an incredible reason why you are here on this planet, so it’s essential to preserve your energy. This might not be long term, but it is imminent! The more you feed on that lower vibe, the less likely you’re going to complete your Soul purpose. 

Without realising it, you’ve just tapped into your intuition, your Soul’s voice! It might not make much sense to you now, but as I said, that doesn’t matter. You’ve just started to observe, acknowledge, listen and let go. 

When you’re feeling more robust and more confident, you can reload that app or say hi to your friend (if you want to). It’s essential now to realign yourself with what feels right. This will raise your vibration high enough to boost your confidence and empower yourself to start pursuing these incredible ideas of yours. 


5) Take action 


You’ve probably started to write some inspiring ideas down, released some negative thought patterns and feelings and cut out what’s holding you back. Now is the perfect time to take action! 

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself now. So make a plan of action now and be realistic with your goals. If you feel that insecure voice pop up telling you “I’m not good enough”, you know what to do… follow step 2 again, let it go!  

It’s a great realisation to recognise that you are the only person that gets in the way of shining your own light. I’m so super excited for you because you’ve taken these incredible steps to better your life and share your story. You’ve been able to acknowledge, let go and allow more positivity into your life. This means more empowering thoughts, feelings, ideas, people, places. You name it! 

Building up self-esteem can be a slow process, but by following these steps, you are on the path of empowerment. Start speaking up, sharing your voice and shine your light brighter than ever. 

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Love and Light 


The Energy Coach