Healing Shower Ritual.


In my last post, I described the perfect healing bath ritual. However, I know many of you won’t have the luxury of having a tub. Therefore, I wanted to give you another alternative — a healing ritual shower routine. 

During this time of uncertainty (covid19), you will be picking up on a lot of fear, stress and anxiety. These emotions will be a combination of your feelings mixed with the worlds altogether. What I mean is, individually, we are all putting out a specific vibration into the universe. Depending on how you feel will depend on the frequency you put out. Now, as a collective, if many people are feeling the same, think how strong that vibrational frequency will get. It would be impossible not to be affected by this even if you had no idea what was going on in the world. 


It’s essential to take care of your energy and keep yourself cleansed as much as you can. 


This healing shower ritual will help release other peoples fears as well as cleanse your whole body from your own. 


What you’ll need 


  • A shower 
  • Essential oil (of your choice)
  • Candles (if you want to set the ambience!) 

This ritual is super straightforward and uses the power of your imagination. I like to call it imagination therapy! 


Step One 

If you’re feeling particularly jazzy, you can light some candles in your bathroom to set the mood! Then put some soothing music on your phone, making sure you set it to ‘do not disturb’.


Step Two

Get undressed, turn your shower on and step under the flowing water. Now completely immerse yourself under the showerhead. Allow the water to flow over your head, face and body.


Step Three 

This is where imagination therapy comes in! Close your eyes and visualise the water cleansing your whole body from the outside in. Feel the water trickle over your skin, picking up the negative, stagnant energy you might be holding onto.

Keep yourself immersed under the showerhead as you carry on imagining your body being cleansed. Visualise a pool of murky water collecting at your feet. This water will be full of the energy that doesn’t serve you anymore. 

As the pool of water flows down the plughole, imagine it flowing straight into mother earth as an offering. This water will then be re-grounded and made into something positive for the planet. 

Keep imagining the water cleansing your whole body and soul. Eventually, you’ll feel that the water is crystal clear. This is when you’re thoroughly cleansed!! 


Step Four 

You can now wash as usual using your fave shower gel. After the soap has rinsed away, turn the shower off and place a few drops of your essential oil into your hands. Take a deep breath with your hands placed over your face. As you breathe in notice the essence of the oil flow in and around your energy field. This will soothe any parts of your aura that need a bit of extra care and attention. 

Now massage the oil over your whole body. 


Step five 

Pat yourself dry and give yourself a big hug! Notice the change in your mood and energy. 

You will feel much lighter and calmer after this ritual. Give yourself thanks for treating your body and now enjoy a deep relaxing sleep! 


Now you should be feeling pure bliss!!


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Sending you so much love and light .




The Energy Coach