Corona Virus

Many people are worried about the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and I understand why. Our bodies have never seen anything like this before. Other viruses, like the flu virus, have been around for decades, so our bodies know exactly what to do with it when it comes into contact. As the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is new, none of our physical bodies are prepared and/or know exactly how to deal with it. Therefore, some people are experiencing quite severe symptoms. Fortunately, most of us will only experience ‘flu’ like symptoms for a short while before the virus passes. However, we have to do the best we can to stop the virus from spreading.


How I can help you

As a Natural Bioenergetics practitioner, Health Kinesiologist and energy healer I have been adding a little immunity booster with all my regular clients. However, I want to offer this out to you as I feel it is my responsibility to help as many people as I can with the knowledge and skills I have.


I can offer your body a natural energetic ‘vaccine’ to boost your immunity and raise your tolerance level.


This means I will be able to introduce the energy pattern of the Corona Virus to your body just like a vaccine does. Although it’s done energetically so there are no needles, chemicals or viruses involved. It is very important to do this so your body is prepared and knows exactly what to do. To conclude, your immune system will instantly kick into action and kill it off before it enters your body.


This is a very gentle and efficient way to get your body prepared and strong enough to fight off any infection.


I am offering 30minute antiviral boosting sessions either at my practice in Harley Street or Via phone appointment (long-distance healing). I would highly recommend phone appointments if you have to travel far or across London to get to Harley Street.

The best thing to do –

Best thing to do is to stay calm and keep positive. The more you raise your vibration the more others will raise too. Therefore collectively creating a positive and healthy change to this planet. It also is the perfect way to keep your immunity high! 

P.S – if you are experiencing symptoms please visit to find out what steps to take next. Please also contact me via my email and we can discuss further holistic care to help aid your healing. 

Sending lots of love and light 



The Energy Coach



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