7 Ways To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides.


In honour of Scorpio’s Super Flower Full Moon, I thought it essential I share these little nuggets with you. This moon is highlighting all the little insecurities you might have about yourself. The ‘veil’ is being lifted, your ‘mask’ is falling away, and your true self is emerging and shining through. Are you confident enough in your own skin to let go and stand in your powerful light? Either way, confidence or lack of, your spirit guides will be there holding your hand and supporting you every step of the way.

Communicating with my spirit guides has been the most invaluable lesson I have learnt on my path of self-discovery. I have used their wisdom to help steer me in the right direction and guide me into healing my self in a way I never knew was possible. They have helped me trust my intuition, have the most undying faith and have helped me rediscover my true souls’ purpose.

However, it has taken me an absolute age to understand what to do with my spirit guides. Like, who are these guides? How do I talk to them? How do I hear their answers? The list goes on with so many confusing questions…

Fortunately for you, I have spent many hours on my meditation cushion tuning into their wisdom. Turns out it really isn’t as hard as I thought. It’s simple, really. When I started learning about spirit guides, there just wasn’t that much information out there at the time. This is why I am writing this post to you. I want to bundle all the wisdom up that I’ve learnt throughout the years and guide you to a much more purposeful life.



There is so much I can write about spirit guides, so I thought it best that I break it down into small chunks.



The previous posts consist of –


1) 3 steps to protect your energy – This post is essential for you to keep yourself grounded and energetically protected. This will help you to feel safe and trust your innate wisdom to come through.




2) Your 3 most essential spirit guides – There is literally an infinite amount of guides out there to help you. However, I thought it best to start off with these legends as they’re with you throughout your whole life, and tend to get forgotten about.

Now it’s time to share how to properly communicate with your guides. 


1) Just ask 


It is as simple as asking your friend a question. Instead, you’re directing that question to your guides. What do you want help with? You can ask this out loud, write the question down in your journal or whisper it within your meditation. Whatever feels good for you. 

Without asking, no guide will step in and swoop you up because we all have the power of free will. Therefore no one can tell you what to do unless you ask!


2) Be specific 


Being specific is essential. If you want a clear answer from your guides, asking questions that waffle on, isn’t going to be helpful. A simple yet effective way of doing this is asking – 


“I am grateful and open to receive help and guidance from my spirit guides. Please guide me in the right direction to overcome my fear in…..”


“I am grateful and open to receive help and guidance from my spirit guides. Please introduce me to the right people to help me develop my business.”


“I am grateful and open to receive help and guidance from my spirit guides. Please show me how I can build my confidence and self-worth.”


“I am grateful and open to receive help and guidance from my spirit guides. Please show me a sign of (insert an animal or an object here) within the next 24 hours to show me if I am making the right decision accepting this job role.”  


(The sign could be any animal, feather, star.. whatever comes to mind (be specific!) 


3) Remember what you’ve asked 


You probably have a billion questions in your mind right now. The best thing to do is to write them all down, so you don’t forget. You can keep checking back on the list and realign yourself with them. 

Has this question been answered?

Does this question sound clear enough? 

Am I in a better position now than when I asked this?


4) Watch out for signs 


I would like you to ask yourself, what is your most robust sense? 

Are you more visual? Like, if I was to say “imagine a purple flower” would you be able to see it in your mind’s eye? Or, do you have deep inner knowing? Meaning, you don’t really know why you know this, but you just do. You could even have an incredible sense of smell or touch? What are you like with sounds? Do you always notice songs/ birds/ voices in the background? 

Noting down this sense is very important as your guides are most likely to communicate with you in this way. You could have more than one sense that jumps out, which is excellent. It doesn’t matter how many.   

Now look out for 

  • What sign did you ask for? If it was a rose, you might see one in an advert, someone might buy you a bunch or, you could walk past a flower shop with roses in the window. 


  • What random song are you singing in your head? Note down the lyrics. What do they mean to you?

  • Feathers are a great sign that you are being supported and listened to. If you see one, what were you thinking at that time? 

  • What book catches your eye? Does it literally fly off the shelf or do you keep hearing about it?

  • Who have you met recently that can help you with your question?

It is crucial to think outside the box and to truly trust your inner wisdom. These signs are for you, no one else. Trust your heart. 


5) You can always go back


Feel like you haven’t been heard? Haven’t received any sign? 

Firstly, your guides ALWAYS hear you, and they will ALWAYS answer… if they can! Asking a million times isn’t going to get their attention any more than asking them once. So, if you haven’t received your sign or answer, consider this –

Not receiving your sign is also a sign! 

If you asked for a sign to confirm you’ve made the right chose, not receiving that sign will suggest that there’s a better option. Your guides will have answered your question and will be redirecting you back on the right path.

However, if you feel you missed the sign, go back to your question and see if it makes sense. Have you waffled? If so, re-ask it more clearly. If not, simply ask again – 


“I am grateful and open to receive help and guidance from my spirit guides. Please could you re-show me the sign as I feel I missed your answer on (insert question here)” 



6) Acknowledge what you’ve received 


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude. Acknowledge the signs your guides give you, fill your heart with appreciation and thank them dearly. You have this incredible 2/4/7 support now, how remarkable is that! 


7) Build a relationship 


Now you have experienced the magical powers that are at your fingertips, it is definitely time to build a relationship with your guides. You don’t want to be one of those friends who just takes, takes, takes. Ask them how they are and thank them for all they do for you. You can even leave an offering of thanks outside (That’s for another blog post!). 

The more you exchange dialogue, the more you’ll build up a connection. Therefore you will start trusting more, receiving guidance more and believing in yourself more! 





Eeeeek! Just so exciting to share all this with you. Honestly, to have the inner knowing that you are ALWAYS supported is an incredible feeling. You are never alone, you are never not heard, you are perfect just the way you are! 

I would so love to hear about the signs and messages you receive. Make sure you tag me on insta or drop me a DM

Sending you so much love and light 





The Energy Coach