Protecting your energy


We’re all living through a worldwide pandemic right now, which has created a massive wave of what I like to describe as chaotic energy. If you’re an empath like me, you’ll be feeling this like a ton of bricks. Now more than ever, we need to protect ourselves energetically.

I don’t mean shutting your energy down completely, because this wouldn’t be that helpful, or in fact healthy. I’m going to show you 3 simple ways to protect yourself safely so you can expand your energy and feel nourished. You’ll be able to grow, feel confident and receive all the goodness from the world, while safely defusing out all the extra debris that doesn’t serve you. I regularly share this with my 1-2-1 clients and teach this within Soul Subscription. They have been tried and tested for centuries as well! Trust me, these steps are super easy and very effective!


What is the energy field?


We all have a glowing ball of energy around our physical bodies. This is called your energy field and is also known as your aura. There are many different energetic layers to this field. But primarily the most important thing for you to know right now is this energy bubble is your safe space. It’s your comfort zone. Your aura holds you, supports you and regulates who you are, how you feel and keeps you shielded.

Subconsciously you’ll be expanding and extracting this energy field all the time. When you’re happy and excited, your bubble expands more prominently and more significantly. This is because you’re standing tall in your power, shining brightly and feeling confident. When you’re feeling scared, sad and vulnerable, you’ll naturally shrink your aura. This is because you subconsciously wanting to hide and retreat. Therefore shrinking your energy field as small as possible.

Now you’re mindful of your energy field, you can play around with expanding it. However, that’s for another blog post!

Why do we need to protect our energy?



You now know how your energy field works, I want to now explain why protecting this bubble is so essential. 

Your energy is what helps you feel alive and connected with the world. But, if you don’t protect it adequately, you’ll either give too much away, absorb other peoples or, others may drain it from you. This can leave you feeling energetically exhausted. Protecting your energy will prevent this from happening. 

As I mentioned at the start, there is substantial, chaotic energy in the air at the moment, so it’s more important than ever to practice these techniques I’m about to share. 



Now, let’s get to the juice bit! 



1) Grounding your energy 


This is the best place to start. Although this doesn’t outrightly protect your energy field, it will help you feel settled, confident and secure. You’ll know when you’re not grounded if you feel scatty, clumsy, forgetful and/or light-headed. 

Grounding is so essential for your mind, body and soul. It will aid your overall health and keep you connected to our great Mother Earth. 


How to ground


  • Place both feet flat on the ground. Outside on natural earth if poss. But no fear if not, as this technique is suitable for inside too. 
  • Take a minute and breath in slow, deep breaths. Be conscious of your feet being rooted to the floor. 
  • Imagine tree roots extending from your feet, down into the centre of the earth. Take a few moments here. Each breath in, feel these roots grow more robust. This will anchor you down. 
  • What I love to do is release any stress I might be feeling that day into the soil through the roots. This allows that energy to be re-grounded into something positive. 


2) White Bubble of Light


Now you know what your energy field is, you can practice protecting it with healing white light.


How to protect your energy 


  • Visualise a bubble of white healing light completely surrounding you. 
  • Allow this light to expand right out, covering your whole energy field. 
  • Your intention for this white light is to diffuse any energy that doesn’t serve you. If you want, you can visualise this negative energy fizzling away when it reaches the light. 
  • Also intend this white light to filter in positivity, love and happiness. As before you can visualise this too. Imagine these loving energies swirling around your energy field, filling you up to the brim with joy! 

I like to do this every morning. However, you can do this as many times throughout the day as you wish. I religiously do this before every client to stop me taking on their emotions. This allows me to hold a safe space for them to heal. 


3) Extra Aura Protection


The white light is an effective way of protecting your aura. However, right now, we need a few extra little tips to make sure we’re not taking on this chaotic energy ourselves. I learnt this technique from my teacher  Kahreela from Starlight Temple. I have found it very, very profound and powerful. You can do this once in the morning, and it will hold throughout the day.  


How to protect your aura 


  • Visualise an energetic fire burning a foot away from your aura. 
  • Intuitively chose a colour for this fire – Whatever colour comes up is right for you that day. (There might be more than one!)
  • This fire will transmute any energy that doesn’t serve you. It will also stop others clinging onto you because you shine so brightly it makes them feel good. Doing this will allow you to keep shining and expanding without anyone attaching themselves onto you unhealthily. 

Follow these 3 steps in order, and I promise you’ll feel like a new person! The more you do these techniques, the easier and quicker it will take you. My sisters from Soul subscription, my monthly membership, have got this technique down perfectly! We regularly talk about how these simple steps can create such a positive shift throughout your day. It is incredible to see them more inflow and on purpose! 

I would so love to hear how you get on let’s continue on the convo over on Instagram!? You can also sign up to my spiritual newsletter (see below), which will keep you updated of all my new blog posts.. plus more! 

Sending you so much love and light .




The Energy Coach